This documentation is for Idyl E3 2.3.0 and the most up to date version of this documentation can be found here.

Introduction to Idyl E3

Thank you for using Idyl E3! Idyl E3 is a product of Mountain Fog, Inc.

Idyl E3 (Entity Extraction Engine) performs named-entity extraction from natural language text. For example, given the input text “George Washington was president of the United States.”, Idyl E3 with an English-language person and place models would identify George Washington as a person entity and United States as a place entity. Idyl E3 supports all UTF-8 languages.

Idyl E3 Editions

Idyl E3 is available in multiple editions. To compare the features of each edition please visit the Idyl E3 Edition Comparison. Idyl E3, model, and plugin licensing may vary between editions.

How to Get Idyl E3

Get Idyl E3 for your platform of choice. Idyl E3 is available for download and as pre-packaged images for turnkey deployments on AWS and Docker.

Quick Start

You can quickly get started with Idyl E3 by submitting text through its API. The API documentation contains examples for submitting data using cURL. You can also use one of the available Idyl E3 client SDKs available on our GitHub.

If you launched Idyl E3 through the AWS Marketplace an Idyl E3 on the AWS Marketplace Quick Start guide is available that describes how to use your newly launched instance of Idyl E3. This guide describes how to submit entity extraction requests and the EC2 security group.


Idyl E3 support multiple entity types and languages. A plugin system allows for consuming text from a variety of sources, extending the extraction capability with additional entity types, and publishing the extracted entities to streams and databases. Extracted entities can be sent to EntityDB for storage and analysis. Idyl E3’s API provides endpoints for entity extraction and monitoring health and status.

Input text is processed by specialized files called models. There are entity, sentence, token, parts-of-speech, and lemmatization models.

Examples of entity models are:

  • English-language model for persons entities.
  • German-language model for place entities.
  • French-language model for hospital entities.

You can create your own entity models from your data or you can use any of our pre-created models available on our website. All configuration is done through the file.

Entity confidence heuristics can intelligently filter out low-confidence entities.

Managed Services and Support

Managed Idyl E3 hosting is available. Support services are available at our Support home.